Reggie Clemons Hearing: More To Come

reggie clemons hearing st. louis missouri

Amnesty team waiting to enter the Reggie Clemons hearing, Sept 17, 2012

The Special Master hearing to review the Reggie Clemons case was halted on Thursday, but with more testimony and legal filings to come. In fact, the Special Master process looks to continue well into next year.  Given what’s at stake, and given the troubling nature of the case, taking more time is not a bad thing.

The allegations of police brutality and prosecutorial misconduct which feature prominently in Amnesty International’s report on the case were highlighted during the hearing. The alleged police abuse of Clemons, and the similar abuse of the state’s star witness Tom Cummins – acknowledged by a $150,000 settlement – are particularly disturbing and call into question the fairness of the investigation and prosecution in this case.

DNA testing, which the state argued connected one of the co-defendants to the crime, took center stage on Thursday, while Monday and Wednesday (there were no witnesses heard on Tuesday), the treatment of Reggie Clemons in police custody, and the prosecutor’s apparent editing of Tom Cummins’ statement to police, were featured.

As this process moves forward, with depositions and legal briefs, and perhaps closing arguments later this year, this review of the problematic investigation and prosecution of Reggie Clemons, and the doubt and confusion those problems have caused, will continue to provide a good example of why the irreversible punishment of death should have no place in our imperfect criminal justice system.

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14 thoughts on “Reggie Clemons Hearing: More To Come

    • No wonder you chose the name fart .

      We live once, life is a miracle thoe most were not raised to know that. We are all a product of our enviornment and everyones deserves a chance. In this situation i feel that with a life on the line deserves some back up just so that that life has a fair chance.

      • No Jodi, we are not totally a product of our environments. We come as a bio-psycho-social package – meaning it is our heredity and temperamental predispositions that also have to be considered. Poverty or history of abuse/neglect do not create murderers. There is no cause/effect there that has ever been established. This is more of a correlation.

  1. “this review of the problematic investigation and prosecution of Reggie Clemons, and the doubt and confusion those problems have caused, will continue to provide a good example of why the irreversible punishment of death should have no place in our imperfect criminal justice system.” Right On!
    The increased secrecy since 911 has led to even more corruption, which has led to blatant injustice ubiquitous throughout the government. We need new leadership and if the lesser evil in your area hasn’t a chance to win, please vote GREEN!

  2. AIUSA, I can't believe you neglected to mention that Texas's justice system failed Cleve Foster and killed him last night by lethal injection in spite of the evidence of his innocence that went totally ignored by the internet, the newspapers, and the entire media! No one cared, no one listened, and no one intervened! (cont.)

    • And it had to happen on the National Day of Remembrance of Murder Victims. I just bet that the families of the two murder victims are still celebrating it by satisfying their revenge, honoring their loved ones with the state-sponsored murder of Foster and saluting their dictator/governor for a "job well done in sending that lying, murderous, monstrous S.O.B. to hell so that justice is served and we are finally getting closure"! Wrong-o! They unknowingly let the real killer get away with the murders, and caused Foster's family more grief in the loss of their loved one to state-sponsored murder! They call this "justice", but I call it "TOTAL INJUSTICE"! I hope Texas will have to answer to God for the horrible atrocities they committed against Foster! I pray that God may comfort and forgive the families of the victims and of Foster for what they unknowingly did to each other. May Foster and the victims rest in the eternal peace that had long been denied for them on earth. :'(

      • The "Sarge" as he was commonly referred to raped/sodomized and assisted in the murder of a Sudanese woman. He admitted to as much in his final statement when he referred to a piece of mail he received years earlier. There was no evidence of his innocence anywhere either. He was an accessory to murder, according to all accounts.

        Ms. Kearns, I do not believe for a nanosecond that you have compassion for crime victims. Your statement makes a veiled attempt to do so but it is clear you have respect/love/admiration (or whatever it may be called) for despicable murderers, who most definitely would take advantage of your naive nature if they ever met you from death row.

        I sincerely hope no one in your family becomes a victim of rape or murder. I will pray for you because I get the feeling that your hard stance for murderers would evaporate quickly.

    • AIUSA did not pick up this banner because even they realizae there is no cause here. That is why AIUSA "neglected" to discuss this case.

    • I think he needsto be executed.I dont care if they beat the crap out of hom or not.his own buddies said he was there and Involved.he took those girls lives and didnt have an ounce of respect for human life .fuck em.

  3. I will say that Reggie's "taking the fifth" so many times in the hearing – a hearing where he's trying to clear his name, not face additional charges – did not inspire confidence.

    • I totally agree BoJo. You cannot take the fifth and expect to have a favorable result here. This case was solved over 20 years ago…

      This special master, in my view, is just the state's attempt to cover themseves because the race card was pulled. That is it…

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