Community Guidelines

The comments section of this blog is a forum where readers can express views on blog postings and comments made by other readers. All people posting comments are responsible for the material they post on this blog. These guidelines also apply to conversations taking place on our Facebook page.

We fully encourage our readers to engage in thoughtful and open debate. We recognize that there will often be dissenting views and passionate discussion, but please keep your comments on-topic and respectful at all times.

  • No abusive, hateful, derogatory, violent or off-topic comments will be tolerated: We reserve the right to remove any comments that we find offensive, harmful or unrelated to this community. Repeat offenders will be blocked.
  • Respect the rights, diversity and opinions of others: This is a blog about human rights – keep those values in mind when posting.
  • Address your comments to the full community: a) Do not verbally attack any of the other commentors or carry on side conversations that exclude the rest of the community.  b) Our moderators and bloggers are active participants in this community, but they cannot respond to every comment.  They are available to help explain, clarify, or support their statements, but will not be intimidated or incited into arguments.
  • Rock the vote: All comments are subject to community rating and voting standards. Everyone gets one vote. If you disagree with a comment, then give it a ‘thumbs down’.  If you like a comment, then give it a ‘thumbs up’. Sometimes the votes speak louder than words.
  • Links to other resources: A comment may contain links to other sites, articles or blogs posts that it references or describes, so long as the comment stands on its own as a meaningful contribution. Do not just post a link with no explanation of how it relates to the original issue.

Thank you for being a part of the Human Rights Now community!