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8 thoughts on “Dark Days in Istanbul

  1. So sad to see the continuing unrest in Istanbul and to hear the high minded attitude of the authorities, how long before this becomes another Syria. Turkey you have such a lot to offer the world and teach the world but this conflict is causing adverse opinion and will have a knock on effect on your tourism. I have seen the hardship that many people endure in Istanbul but this continuing dispute can only bring more unbearable suffering, please lay down the weapons and come to the table. Stop trying to thrust a religion that is rooted in arcane law and ritual on a people who want to grow. Like Christianity in my own country these things become less and less relevant in peoples lives, let it be a choice for individuals. The brief week i spent on holiday in your country was enlightening and fascinating, i hope to be able to return soon but not in the present atmosphere.

  2. Exactly what happened in Bahrain! The people who pretend to be the moral police of the world are still friends with Bahrain and Erdogan must be confident he can get away with it.

  3. Hi
    I have signed the petition and would like to know how else I can help. I would also like to know what I can do to directly help rather than giving money. I am willing to give my time. I live in Istanbul and work in an international school here.

  4. There is a visible split in general public: secular, educated, modernised people versus islamic fundamentalist state backed up by ignorant masses. For years AKP in power were able to disguise their core allegiance to oppressive islamists creating a false moderate liberal islamist identity, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. First they targeted the army who have not been so innocent as well in the near history of the republic. This was mostly appraised by the liberals, and leftists. Then they targeted the judicial system. After winning the referandum for a partial change in the constitution by a small margin with the help of misdirecting propaganda, AKP has gained the control over courts on all levels. This gave them the ability to change whatever law they wished, in accordance to their final destination without any court disagreement.

    Now, as getting closer to their final aim, of which we have a vague idea, but the picture is still not clear, they are showing their true oppressor faces. This is the government, who openly supports Al-Nusra (Al-Queda) activity in Syria. They are manipulating local public view as well as they try to do so with the international opinion. They are warmongers for infinite unrest in middle east. They have no interest whatsoever in European values and have no intention for integration with EU.

    They will try to wipe out the portion of Turkish Citizens who keep modern values such as freedom of speech, gender equality, secularism, intercultural tolerance, respect for art and human rights, respect for beliefs or the lack thereof, scientific reasoning etc. with libels, slanders, and false terrorism accusations. They will use any means necessary to do so. This is just the beginning of a systematic witch hunt.

    Turkish people will need strong determination and support from international community. The State, and the supporters are armed to the teeth, whereas the protesters are peaceful and openly vulnerable to any violence. It is highly probable that there will be state backed public violence against opposition.

  5. yes my dear, our army was really innocent in Turkey!!! just read some coup detat history and learn more. You cannot blame (%50) of the people in one country as ignorant masses. This is non-sense. They were so fed up with previous brutality of ultra-nationalist elitist governments that they supported AK Party as the only way out. Erdogan nowadays acts in hysteria of this background and follows an odd discourse. Liberals and democrats feel bad that they supported Erdogan for his previous liberal discourse. NOW I am really sad the current situation that my country is in. However, trying to understand what is going on Turkey in measures of Arab spring is wrong. Most systems that Arab people got rid of were ultra secularist systems contrary to one in Turkey. I wish Erdogan was a considerate person to understand the protests as the way they are. But up to now he just tried to reject reality around him. On the other hand, what my friend above says is the ultra-nationalist discourse in Turkey. They really like to fantasize Turkey as an Islamic republic that they can fight against it. Interestingly Ak Party was the only party which supported integration to EU before while this friend's party was claiming that 'Europe was trying to downsize Turkey." So instead of believing the myth of Turkey as a part of Arap spring, I prefer to wait until the next elections. I understand that my friend is afraid of democracy since he only wants his people in power. To whom others support is stupid and nonsense. But I see no way out of democracy. We will try until we find the best leader for us.

    • Just one but important correction : AK party doesn't represent 50%. Please stop saying this. Learn more about Turkey politic. With 25% of the votes they have 66% of the parlement.

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