Tell President Obama the US Must Do More for Refugees


For centuries, the United States opened its arms to refugees whose lives had been torn apart by war, and those ruthlessly hounded because of who they are or what they believe in. But today, the people of Syria are suffering these hardships on an unimaginable scale, and we’re still waiting for US leadership on the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time.


As the pictures of this week have shown, many Syrians who have survived their government’s barrel bombs or the knives of ISIS have died trying to find security. By contrast, the world’s richer countries have only opened their doors for a tiny fraction of Syria’s refugees. Since July 31, 2014, the United States has processed just more than 1,000 Syrians for resettlement. Without US leadership, the international community will never meet the United Nations’ goal of resettling 380,000 Syrians.

The refugees cannot go home. In the refugee camps, many are barely surviving on as little as 50 cents a day. Syria’s children are becoming a lost generation – traumatized and out of school, working to support their families.

It’s beyond time for the US to step up and take leadership.

TAKE ACTION: Show President Obama that the people of the United States want to welcome more refugees.

What we need you to do:

  1. Write #RefugeesWelcome on a piece of paper
  1. Take a selfie with your sign
  1. Tweet your photo tagging in @POTUS and #RefugeesWelcome. Or post it on President Obama’s Facebook page


Can’t Take a Photo?
Tweet the President without the photo but make sure you include #RefugeesWelcome and @POTUS.

TWEET THIS NOW–> .@POTUS US must be a strong voice for Syrian resettlement. Open our doors to refugees fleeing a humanitarian crisis! #RefugeesWelcome

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26 thoughts on “Tell President Obama the US Must Do More for Refugees

  1. Obama your wars has cost a lot of people there lives, and you and the Brits are responsible the the refugee fleeing the war torn Countries

  2. Yes, we already have a host of problems in the US, but we cannot look away from the horrible suffering that Syrian refugees have endured for so long. Yes, conditions have worsened and these poor people are desperate! They especially want their children to have a chance to live and to experience the joy of life for a change. YES WE CAN, Mr. President, find a way to help. Certainly our country is wealthy enough…we just have to open our hearts and strengthen our wills.

  3. It's humane to step up and help; we can learn from Germany and Austria!
    This is where we can take leadership, not in the areas of military might!

  4. Hey guys! You might want to change one of the sentences above referring to "prime minister". Last time I checked, we have a president 🙂 Great campaign though! Keep up the good work.

  5. We must show compassion for those being dislocated by war. Refugees are welcome as far as I am concerned. I believe we should commit to helping as many as Germany has!

  6. Just a question: How many of the folks who are willing to take a photo of themselves holding up a piece of paper saying 'Refugees welcome" and tweet it to the POTUS would actually be willing to welcome a family of refugees into their own homes? Yes, there's a terrible crisis, but perhaps the move should be to develop a registry of American citizens willing and able to make room in their own homes and lives to sponsor a refugee family and then work with the proper governmental channels to find a way to make a legally happen. Careful what you wish for for these folks, they could just end up in bad straits here in the US also if this isn't done properly. If you are going to take action, really TAKE ACTION. Sadly, this smacks of "slacktivism".

  7. the link for the president's facebook page doesn't work and I don't have twitter, where can I upload my photo?

  8. Les Américains commencent aussi à se mobiliser pour accueillir les Réfugiés Syriens, leur Pays les USA ayant "oublié" d'intervenir à temps pour arrêter la guerre et éviter au Peuple Syrien le sort qu'ils connaissent actuellement: des centaines de milliers de morts, barils explosifs quotidiens, réfugiés par millions, …

  9. The refugees don't have their permanent home. They have to roam from various places in search of work. So its the humble request to US president Obama to do something for the refugees.

  10. I don't tweet and I don't care to send a selfie. Not into much activity on social media. However, since I support Amnesty monthly I am heartened by the organization's efforts on behalf of the Syrisn refugees. I will contact the White B. MilesHouse by phone or e-mail.

  11. I would be willing to take in a refugee if I can have more information about what happens after I took in a refugee. Would I be responsible for this person for life to support and care for this person. I need my questions answered . Would I know if they are a true refugee. I am sorry to put it this way but today in this world I need answers from people who are in command from our government of the U.S. America.

    • The US Government or the State authorities where you live would have to organize the rest, i.e. schooling, health care, stay permit and the rest for the first say 2 years, as has been done in many European countries. It was the Pope who was the first last fall to urgent families to take in Syrian refugees. If European countries can organize it then the US can do it. I live in Iceland, where there has been a a system of quote imposed by the UN on many countries in Europe. In Iceland, the so-called quota refugees where chosen at a refugee camp in Lebanon and the Icelandic Red Cross organized finding apartments for the families. Icelanders donated a lot of furniture, toys etc… and since the first families arrived here in January in the cold winter, 2 outdoor wear shops have given the families clothes. This is not complicated.

  12. Let's take in these people and give them the kind of opportunity we have had! Heal the sick, feed the hungry, cloth the poor and welcome the new Americans!

  13. The voice of the majority will help this problem. I know Obama can see that everyone is concern about the refugees and I hope that he will make a move out of this.

  14. America doesn't like to look in the mirror. For half a century we have installed and supported ruthless regimes (all with "best intentions"). ISIL would still be a tiny tribe if not for our "clobber and leave" policies over the last 20-30 years, creating fertile ground for armed extremists. Now one of the dictators we supported is fighting ISIL, and both of them are murdering innocents by the thousands. We have a superior attitude – Europe should take the refugees. What about us, Mr. President? Refugees are welcome in our community. Let's stand up and do the right thing.

  15. Hello mr Obama ,
    I would like to tell you to make stop war on Yemen that backed by UN and EU and waged by Saudis led coalition against 25 of Yemeni nation . Saudis have been conducting till this moment while I'm writing this messages to you hundreds of war crimes that violated internatnsl law and human rights since Marcy 26, 2015 till today for nothing .
    Please try to do the best to stop another mistakes that will happen in Yemen that only help international forgine policy while Yemeni innocents are paying the price . Humanity must to conceder the first privet interests before another policy .
    Thank you
    Mohammed Humran

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