Global Day of Action for Troy Davis – Today!

Today is the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis.  Over 150 events in 45 state, DC, Puerto Rico, and 28 countries overseas have been scheduled, demonstrating as clearly as can be demonstrated that the public will not stand for the execution of a man who has had no hearing on evidence that he may be innocent.  The failure of our courts to take seriously questions of innocence is of course not limited to Troy Davis’ case, but his case is so simple – 7 of 9 witnesses have recanted their trial testimony – and the solution so obvious – an evidentiary hearing featuring said witnesses – that it is in equal parts baffling, frustrating and outrageous that Troy Davis may be once again on the brink of another execution date.

A hearing to examine and cross-examine these witnesses should not be too much to ask.

Today, a last ditch effort with the Supreme Court will be filed, but it has become clear that our courts and politicians have a supremely bureaucratic mentality towards justice; they will only take action or exercise leadership if they know they are being watched.  That is why it is so important that so many people are coming out today, to be seen and heard.  And why it is so important that we continue to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Global Day of Action for Troy Davis – Today!

  1. That’s nice. However, I have sad news that in spite of the recommendation for clemency from the Oklahoma Board of Pardons and Paroles, that clemency was denied for Donald Gilson, who was killed by Oklahoma last Thursday for murder in lack of mitigating evidence. That was injustice then, and there will be more injustice for Dennis Skillicorn if he is executed tomorrow for murder in spite of his innocence. The family of Rick Drummond, a guy who was killed by Skillicorn’s leader, is about to get their vengeance in the form of justice satisfied by killing Skillicorn while ignoring facts about his innocence, just as the MacPhail family is still doing in wanting Troy Davis dead: ignoring evidence of innocence. I feel sad for the families of the Drummonds, Skillicorns, MacPhails and Davises, but when will Missouri and Georgia stop acknowledging finality over fairness? I feel terrible about this. If Skillicorn and Daivs are denied clemency and executed, then they will both wear martyrs’ crowns while praying for injustices to stop, along with all kinds of hatred between victims’ families and criminals’ families. I will continue to pray for them. We will not give up until the injustice of the death penalty is abolished once and for all. May God have mercy on us all, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life. 🙁

  2. Thank you very much Debbie!! Hugs! You have tried so hard, and are doing so much, to ensure justice is done! You are an angel, may God help and answer the prayers of his angel!! We are all with you! Here in the U.K., my family in Australia, Canada and Europe, esp. Holland, can see the injustice and are deeply shocked by it!!!. It is indeed sad that Donald Gilson has been executed. “Vengeance is mine” said the Lord! Lets get stuck in and fight for Dennis and Troy – we are the world!!! Those impostors will not stop the truth!!!!!.

    Sending comfort and love to the families of Dennis and Troy, as always in our thought and in our prayers, a very hard time for them!. Not forgetting the family of Donald, so sad, sooo unjust, hugs and comfort!!! It’s hard to say more! My hand reaches over the water and my arm wraps round you to comfort you – from the bottom of my heart!!! The world will not give up the fight until the death penalty is abolished. Thank you Debbie! The world is a much better place because of you!! Also, the millions of people who are supporting this fight against injustice! Thank you A.I US for your admirable work!!! Keep it up folks!! I salute you all!!

  3. More sad news: Dennis Skillicorn is dead. The courts denied him clemency and he was killed by Missouri last night in spite of his innocence. Yet before he died, he wrote in a statement that he expressed remorse for his crime and apologized to Richard Drummond’s family. “My prayer for them has always been that God somehow deliver them from their torment,” he wrote. Skillicorn also wrote that he had been delivered from “the sorrow, despair and regrets of my life” by his religious faith. “Today I have no doubts that God does change a man from the inside out,” he wrote. “I know because I’ve personally experienced the work of his mighty hand.” I feel sad about the injustice done to Skillicorn’s family. But I believe that he is now with the Lord and wearing the martyr’s crown in heaven with murder victim Richard, praying for the forgiveness and consolation of their families in undergoing the loss of their loved ones. May these two rest in the eternal peace they truly deserved. We believe that God does not condemn us for our actions and our sins until we die. Only he has the right to give or take a life. May God have mercy on us all. 😥

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