Don’t Let California Jumpstart Executions

A protester holds a sign up during an anti-death penalty protest on June 18,2001 in Santa Ana, CA. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

David McNew/Getty Images

Officials at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) are doing everything they can to jumpstart executions after over a decade without them—and with the largest death row in the country, they could fast track dozens of cases for execution.

That’s dozens of humans killed at the hands of the state. We can help stop them since the CDCR is required by law to listen to us!

Tell them it’s time to end the death penalty once and for all!

In order to resume executions, California needs to pass a new lethal injection procedure. That’s where you come in: by state law, new procedures must go through a Public Comment Period.

That means anyone in the world, in any language, can send in a comment. The CDCR is required to READ and RESPOND to every substantive comment. Your action can delay California’s CDCR from using the death penalty and give time to end the death penalty there once and for all.

Let CDCR know there is NO humane way to kill a human being: Take action today.

After more than a decade without executions, Californians have seen that we can live without the death penalty. Help make sure CDCR knows it, too.

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