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8 thoughts on “Susan Sarandon On Appalling Police Violence in Turkey

  1. It is so crucial that such highly respected and well known star like Susan Sarandon show her support for the mostly young and truly peaceful protestors in Turkey! We need more Hollywood stars come forward and join Miss. Sorondan! Her support not only brings awareness about Turkish Crime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's fascist regime and his police force's brutal attacks against innocent protesters but also boosts moral among the protestors! They feel their voice is heard and they're not alone! By the way Turkish Crime minister Tayyip Erdogan praised his police force and applaud them for their bravery at yesterdays public rally and he added " Foreign press and it's domestic accomplices are asking who gave the order to police? Well, let me tell you. I gave the order to my police to stop the terrorists (protesters)!!" This is the kind of mentality protesters have to deal with!….Yesterday court in Ankara let go the police officer who shut and killed young protester Ethem Sarisuluk at point blank during the protests in Ankara last week. Court decided it was a self defense! The court did not want to see the video footage of the murder! Did not want to see the hospital and morgue reports and did not want to hear eyewitnesses! The police officer's testimony was enough for the court! Today Turkish main stream media, Turkish justice, Turkish police force are under complete control of Recep Tayyip Erdogan! People do not share his values feel oppressed and trapped! Hundreds of journalists are jailed and lost their jobs because they simply oppose to his brutal regime! So far in protests four young protesters are murdered, 11 protesters lost their eyes because of police tear gas, One 14year old kid is in coma because of police tear gas bomb hit his skull and injured his brain! The kid was walking to local market to by bread! Hundreds and thousands are injured because of police water cannon and beatings! Police rounds up people from their homes on the charges of being a member of a terrorist organization to overthrow the elected government! Yet so far carnations are the only weapon these "terrorists" seemed to carry:-)
    Thank you Miss.Sarandon for having such compassion ! I think you just became Capulcu:-) ( Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called protestors "Capulcu" when the protests first began in Taksim Square. It means vandal. Ever since he used the word Capulcu, the protesters and supporters began to tag Capulcu to their name on facebook and twitter. It's the symbol of pride and not being afraid.

  2. Thank you Susan, it is very encouraging for my people feeling people in the world like you..

  3. I always knew you were great. Thanks for giving us great pleasure as a wonderful actress and also giving us very much valued support as a courageous activist

  4. hey susan, why not donate your millions of dollars you make you are a liberal hack who cares for nothing but you & tim robbins paycheck. you are the 1% and you are a hypocrite

  5. Thank you for all the points made and certainly the situation in Turkey has been deteriorating for the past several years.

    If I think about my grandfather is a decorating naval officer (passed away in his 80's back in 1972) who fought in the WW's for the country, I can only say he would be disappointed at the mess Erdogan, Fetullah Gulen, and Abdullah Gül have created.

    I can only hope their influence will be voted out…unfortunately, they have created a social and political mess, which I'm not entirely sure can be corrected.

  6. I love this woman.She is such an inspiration. She stands up for a lot of good causes and I think people listen to her. I know I do

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