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4 thoughts on “THIS EXISTS: Country Bans All Women From Driving

  1. I am happy to sign in support of women's rights in Saudi Arabia. Of course, independence of movement is a key ingredient in moving women towards a position of social equality.
    But I would like to point out that putting more cars on the road is not great for the environment. Why isn't there a public transportation system? Aside from environmental advantages, public transportation is much more affordable for poor women and men trying to get to their jobs — essential to the project of developing a viable middle class.
    Saudi has a very long way to go. Perhaps they could start by eliminating the position of "legal male guardian". This is, after all, the 21st century.

  2. I fully support women drivers in Saudi Arabia – all the various justifications put forward by the Saudi Arabia government are simply excuses and clearly demonstrate their patriarchal and oppressive position

  3. All female visitors and guests in the country should be certain to rent a car and DRIVE IT everywhere. More of the men need to see that women are capable of driving. There should also be driving classes to teach the women to drive. The women must organize in order to force the government to provide them driver's licenses. Go on strike. Do not cook meals for the men until they pass a law and a process to allow women to receive driver's licenses legally. Good luck women. You must have the freedom to drive. The women in the US overcame this same issue. I remember it well from 50 years ago when the men did all the driving.

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