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3 thoughts on “The Word Secretary Kerry and Israel’s Prime Minister Couldn’t Bring Themselves to Say

  1. The problem you fail to mention is that when Palestinian Arabs discuss "the occupration", they are not referring to the West Bank and Gaza, they are referring to all of Israel.

    I am sympathetic to the plight of prisoners of conscience (the original AI mission), as well as to the suffering of all oppressed people. If Palestinian Arabs were led by a Gandhi or Mandela or King, they would receive broad support from the United States and Israel and would already be living in peace in a free state. Unfortunately, Palestinian Arabs have long served as pawns for the surrounding Arab and Persian theocracies and dictatorships who have a vested interest in their continued statelessness and suffering. Those theocrats and dictators have, for decades, funded, armed, and controlled extremist groups with an agenda of hatred and conquest instead of peace.

    The stated goal of Hamas is to kill all Jews and the slightly less militant PA continues to indoctrinate their children with antisemitic race-hatred. Having recently experienced attempted genocide, Jews are understandably reluctant to empower folks dedicated to killing them. As a result, the Israeli hawks and religious right have risen to power and sadly they too have a vested interest in continued conflict.

    I'm deeply disappointed with AI's decision to continue to fan the flames of hate rather than advocate for peace. No amount of political or economic pressure will cause the Jews to take actions they consider suicidal; building trust and empowering leaders who are truly interested in peace is the only rational path to ending the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs. I hope you will reconsider.

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