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4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Partial Victory on Mozambique Rape Laws, But the Fight Isn’t Over

  1. Finally, women begin to get a justice, and deciding over their own body. I have been wondering, if the politicians ( all men ofcourse) ever have been thinking about the same law, for all men, for all those years. Did they think, that it was ok, if it was a rape on a guy?
    Love the thought, all around the world are cabable to support other women, colour have no influence, all over the world. Maby we at last, have reached the point, where the earth is ruled by love, for each other. I surely hope so!!

  2. This is so amazing! Keep moving forward. @Linda… I agree, it would be a wonderful day to live in a world with more love than hate. You're so right.

  3. Fighting for the rights is being in the nature of human and we should always stand with the people that have faced such horrible incidents. This means a lot in the life of every concern person.

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