Three Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Thursday

eve ensler

Eve Ensler will keynote the XX Factor on October 4th.

On Thursday October 4th, Amnesty International will be holding our 2nd Annual Women’s Rights Forum in Washington, D.C.

The XX Factor: Town Hall on Women’s Rights, will bring together human rights defenders, issue experts and grassroots activists on women’s human rights work to talk about the frontline women’s rights issues in the United States, and around the world. That, in and of itself, is worthy of excitement. But that isn’t all!

Here are 3 reasons to get excited about this year’s XX Factor.

1. With little more than a month until the U.S. elections, now is the time to set our agenda for the rights of women and girls for the next four years. Our panelists – Kierra Johnson, Executive Director at Choice USA, feminist scholar Linda Hirshman and Fatima Goss Graves, Vice President of the National Women’s Law Center, will tackle issues ranging from women’s economic status to reproductive freedom, as well as the importance of women’s political participation in November, and beyond.

2. Hear directly from Afghan women about how the U.S. should commit to a firm plan of action to help support Afghan women’s rights, including in particular their right to political participation. Hasina Safi and Mahbouba Seraj of the Afghan Women’s Network will discuss the steps that should be taken to protect and advance gains made by Afghan women and girls in education, health, security, employment, and other human rights.

3. Talk directly with frontline women’s human rights defenders. Ginetta Sagan Fund winners Jenni Williams of Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise and Beatrice Mukansinga who founded the Mbwirandumva Initiative, will discuss how women can best take advantage of societies in transition to secure women’s human rights.

Still not pumped? Here’s one other piece of extraordinary news: Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning playwright, performer, activist, author of The Vagina Monologues, and founder of V-Day, will deliver a keynote address on women’s human rights.

Join us! Register for the XX Factor: Town Hall on Women’s Rights or watch us on LiveStream.

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5 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Thursday

  1. The XX Factor is such a great event for spreading women's rights/suffrage awareness. Women rights is a huge issue and in other countries like Afghanistan women are severely oppressed, it's really disgusting. I will be watching the LiveSteam link you shared, thanks for your hard work!

  2. Agree 100% that the U.S. needs to create a firm plan of action to help support the Afghan womens rights movement. These brave women are working hard for a better future for both young girls and boys, but they do need some extra support due to the cultural limits of that society.

    Afghanistan has so much potential. I hear so many amazing stories from the great people of that nation, and here's to hoping they can achieve their dreams.

  3. Great event! A lot of amazing people are getting involved and what they have to say is truly inspiring.

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