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One thought on “The Forgotten Victims of Haiti’s Earthquake

  1. Despite this dire situation, it is not in the nature of Haitians to give up…“resilience and dignity,” are the perfect words to describe the people of Haiti.

    Rome was not built in one day and with its history of stagnant development, corruption, and poverty, compounded with the devastating earthquake; I believe Haiti’s current administration has made SOME progress in providing housing (better some than none). Nevertheless, it seems the administration severely lacks the will to provide safe permanent housing to IDPs.

    While working in Haiti last summer at Groupe d’Appui Aux Rapatriés et Réfugiés(GARR), my colleagues and I personally investigated a forced expulsion at Camp Bristout in Peguy Ville, Port-au-Prince. Speaking with victims and recording their ordeal compels you to lend a hand to ameliorate their situation. Although Haiti has the highest number of NGO’s on the ground working toward change, without a government that stands strong and firm behind the protection of human rights for its entire people, I fear that that Haiti’s perpetual situation will remain as it is.

    Check out my collaborated report on a forced expulsion at Camp Bristout:… (French version)