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Heather Lasher is a Campaigner with Amnesty International USA's Demand Dignity Campaign, which fights the human rights violations that are both a cause and a consequence of poverty. Her work currently focuses on maternal health, and on the human rights violations caused and/or perpetuated by corporations. Prior to joining Amnesty, she interned at Legal Momentum and worked on various research projects with the Quaker United Nations Office and other organizations on poverty and development, domestic violence, and reproductive rights. She holds an MA in Womenís Studies and a JD, with a concentration in International Human Rights, from the University of Cincinnati.
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Combating Maternal Mortality Crucial To Meeting MDGs

Maternal Health in PeruMost maternal deaths are entirely preventable. Yet, while the world is making progress in fighting maternal mortality, far too many women are still losing their lives.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the most prominent global anti-poverty initiative ever undertaken.  The goals set out targets for alleviating extreme poverty, including reducing maternal deaths by 75% (MDG5), by 2015. However, even this modest target will not be met by the deadline unless efforts are significantly stepped up.

Meeting the maternal mortality target, for example, would require a 5.5% annual reduction in maternal deaths since 1990, and the world has seen only 2.3% annual improvement.  A woman still dies from complications of pregnancy or childbirth every 90 seconds.