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Aquib Yacoob is Amnesty International USA’s Young Leaders Fellow. A native New Yorker born and raised in Guyana, South America, Yacoob has held numerous roles within Amnesty over his 8-year involvement. He is a recent graduate of Colby College, where his research on human rights and social movements spanned over 22 countries during his four-year scholarship.
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Is Your Activism Grounded in Anger?

151024_1043Photos by Eli Bartz Photography

“Is your activism grounded in anger?” my friend asked. We sat around in the dimly lit restaurant after a day of workshops, panels, and planning at the Midwest Regional Conference vigorously discussing and debating this question. Our conversation went on for hours, drowning out time and the waning voices of our fellow diners. It had been a long, energizing day, and our minds were racing. SEE THE REST OF THIS POST