Politics + Executions = Comedy Gold!

In emails that have come out during the appeal of New Hampshire’s one and only death sentence, we have learned that former New Hampshire Attorney General (and current U.S. Senator-elect) Kelly A Ayotte began plans to run for election just days after announcing she was seeking the death penalty in the case.  As the New Hampshire Union Leader reports (in a special “print-only” article):

In one e-mail exchange between Ayotte and Robert Varsalone, her friend and future political advisor, under the subject “Get ready to run….,” Varsalone discussed Republican campaign chances and possible candidates.

“Have you been following the last 2 week.  A police officer was killed and I announced that I would seek the death penalty,” Ayotte responded to Varsalone in the Oct 27, 2006 e-mail.

“I know, I read about it.  Where does AG Ayotte stand on the Death Penalty? BY THE SWITCH,” Varsalone wrote back.

Funny stuff.

Speaking of politics, as California officials were trying in October to engineer a pre-election execution (an effort that failed and cost the state’s taxpayers $4 million) it turns out they were madly searching the globe for sodium thiopental, since their supply of the execution drug had expired.  From Pakistan to the U.K. they looked, but, as Stephen Colbert (who is a real comedian) explains below, they eventually found what they were looking for in neighboring Arizona, leading one California official to quip, “You guys are life-savers.”

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Colbert: Death Penalty Deters Hunting Interns for Sport

If the death penalty is unconstitutionally wanton and freakish, then what about Lady Gaga?  A profound, if unanswered question that Stephen Colbert raised last night as he lamented the decline of capital punishment in the US, blaming “juries and prosecutors” and CSI-Miami.  He declared his belief that the death penalty is a deterrent, in that it deters him from hunting his interns for sport “in America.”

Colbert also took on Justice Scalia’s recent infamous dissent in the Troy Davis case, where Scalia stated flatly that there is no problem with execution someone who is “actually” innocent.  “Executing the innocent may be cruel, but as long as Scalia is on the bench, it will not be unusual.”  A (typically) weird interview with Barry Scheck of The Innocence Project followed.

As for Troy Davis, he is still waiting for the scheduling of the evidentiary hearing the Supreme Court granted him, over the objections of Scalia and his cohort Clarence Thomas.

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