Amnesty International in a Dictator's Zoo?

the dictator - sasha baron cohen

Sasha Baron Cohen as Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen

English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, better known for his character Borat, has a new satirical movie in the works – The Dictator, depicting the leader of the imaginary authoritarian Republic of Wadiya. The latter has just launched its website, and the tourism section mentions Amnesty International:

Many dozens of endangered species can be found caged at the Wadiyan National Zoo, including pandas, white tigers, and Amnesty International officials.

Of course The Dictator is a comedy (see the trailer), but it will presumably highlight – through humor and exaggeration – human rights violations and abuse of power. In that sense, it may be worth watching it, of course after the Wadiyan National Zoo sets Amnesty International officials free so that they can make it to the Annual General Meeting in Denver in late March and continue fighting for a world without abuse of power!

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