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12 thoughts on “Young, Black and More than a Suspect

  1. You have fallen victim to the false narrative surrounding this case. That, or you are purposely contributing to the false narrative surrounding this case. If the former statement is true I am sorry for your ignorance or refusal to accept the truth/facts surrounding this case. If the later is true shame on you.

    • Brian, I am sorry for your ignorance and refusal to see the bigger picture here. Shame on you.

    • Brian, is there a true narrative surrounding this case? I saw no proof that the one narrative that was accepted was true. Since when do we allow the accused to provide the facts of a case with no physical evidence?

      • No physical evidence you say? So Zimmerman having a broken nose and his head bleeding in the back does not even matter in his innocence? How about the background criminal check on Martin that showed he had stolen from people and has gotten in trouble at school multiple times. Is there no reason that almost all of the jury in the Zimmerman case found Zimmerman not guilty? Do you know why the jury said Zimmerman innocent? It is because there was an EXTREME lack of evidence to prove he was guilty of murder. Of course, lets persecute him even further. After all he is guilty right? No matter what evidence is presented, people like you are just going to go to the ends of the earth to see him behind bars or dead. Are you equivalent to a witch hunter now? You make me sick.

  2. I totally agree… We must continue the good fight! Dr. King and his generation passed the torch and it was dropped now this next generation with the help of my generation has picked it back up! Trayvon, as sad as it is, was chosen for such a cause! God makes no mistakes!!!!

  3. You make me feel humble with your well defined feelings and beliefs. And I'm proud to be a true supporter of equality between all races. We've learned much from you De'Jaun, your Uncle Troy, your inspirational Mom and the Davis family. Thank you.

  4. it is really sad about what happened to Mr Martin it is really unfair that somebody get killed because he was in a white neighborhood thank God this things is not in New York City I hope of the states should continue fight against racism

  5. Thank you so much for providing insight into what it is like to be a non-white man in this country. I would say African American, but not all people of color are from African descent. Trayvon Martin was stalked and killed because he was a man of color, wearing a hoodie, it is that simple. My husband wears a hoodie, but he is white. So, the only difference is that this boy was not white, and George Zimmerman used racial profiling to decide that he was going to go beyond the call of duty that neighborhood watches are supposed to go – and not only stalk this boy, but get out of his car and confront him, against the direct instructions of the police. I still cannot believe that he was not found guilty, however, I think the prosecution overreached and should have gone for negligent homicide.

  6. A well written article, its time the U.S.A. got to grips with "race relations", as a British citizen America is the last place I would wish to live.

  7. Yes Colin —- as a British citizen I'm sure you are not aware of the explosion or ACTUAL racially motivated crime in the UK, the steady flow of race riots (among all races but most significantly between Asians and Blacks). Institutionalised racism among the UK police and the very racist organization of the "National Black Police Association". As a US Citizen I welcome you to stay put in Jolly Ole England.

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