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6 thoughts on “What I’ll Tell Congress About Violence Against Women

  1. I am a victim of violence against women. I have been dicriminated against for food, housing and employment opportunities. I have been a target by some law enforcement . I believe its because of my status(former healthcare worker) race. Using my skills and concern I reported my concerns of child abuse told I have mental issues. How do I best handle this in Ohio. Attty Gen.

  2. …..In our country in Sri Lanka widely Abusing ,sexual Harassment and raping small girl's and women. human watch Sri Lanka we are an Organization fight against this situation .we are hope and invite to you all support us .

  3. While violence against women is a terrible thing that should have stopped hundreds of years ago, I don't think the Congress is the one who can deal with this. there are much deeper issues on the set of violence, no matter who it's adressed to

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