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  1. Dan K
    June 5, 2012

    Your organization is a joke; fortunately most people are aware of it. Obama and Bush to the same standard, you have got to be kidding. Let’s play a little game of “name that president”.
    President who extended the Patriot Act, deported more aliens than any other, publically admitted to assassinating foreign nationals, ordered a military operation inside a sovereign foreign country, admitted to having a personal kill list, where he is judge and jury, killed American citizens, no trial, no jury, just one cowboy President who will never be held accountable you or your organization or others on the left?
    President who is prosecuting “Detainees” at military trials at Gitmo, escalated the war in Afghanistan, continues the practice of rendition?
    Your man BO.
    Yeah I guess you are right, you and your organization would still be studying and watching if this would have been the record of GB. You know I think you guys might be bringing me around, it is better to execute someone, their family along with countless innocents; than to “water board” four detainees. Maybe your guy is due for another Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. David Sawyer
    June 13, 2012

    I appreciate this article, especially the outlineof the complications involved; however, the header photograph of Canadian Amnesty International protesters appear to be calling for the actual arrest, not investigation, of George W. Bush.

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