TAKE ACTION: Stop the Execution of Russell Bucklew!


On May 21st, Missouri is scheduled to carry out the first execution since the horrific botched execution of Clayton Lockett.

What’s worse: there’s a high probability that Russell Bucklew’s execution will be just as horrifying as Clayton Lockett’s.

Russell suffers from cavernous hemangioma, a vascular condition that medical experts say increases the risk of a painful, botched execution.

Missouri's refusal to stop the execution of Russell Bucklew proves just how cruel the death penalty is and why it must come to an end.

Increasing the risk even further is that, as with the execution of Lockett in Oklahoma, Missouri authorities are hiding behind secrecy laws that allow them to conceal where they are getting the drugs that will be used for Russell’s execution.

The reason for this: as the rest of the world moves away from the death penalty, states are having a harder time procuring the drugs used to carry out executions. In response, states have turned to experimenting with controversial, lethal injection protocols and never tried before drug cocktails. Cocktails that have been considered not suitable to euthanize animals and banned in at least one U.S. state.

This cannot go on. From Ohio to Oklahoma, there have been reports of inmates writhing while strapped to their gurney.

Then the curtains close: When inmates undergoing lethal injection begin to show signs of distress, a curtain is drawn or blinds are lowered, so witnesses in the viewing gallery can no longer see inside the death chamber.

It’s time to stop turning a blind eye. Missouri’s refusal to stop the execution of Russell Bucklew proves just how cruel the death penalty is and why it must come to an end.

We hope that the Governor of Missouri will realize what we have known for decades. To move forward with such an inherently cruel and unjust punishment is the ultimate denial of human rights. We hope the Governor realizes this before the clock runs out.

Join me in calling on the Governor of Missouri to do the right thing and stop the execution of Russell Bucklew. Email him with this link, call him at 571-751-3222 or tweet @GovJayNixon with a message such as:

Missouri can’t close the curtains on #humanrights. @GovJayNixon, stop the execution of #RussellBucklew!

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33 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Stop the Execution of Russell Bucklew!

  1. This guy raped and murdered people. He deserves to die. Where are you morons when it comes to the deaths of millions of innocent unborn babies every year? (crickets)

    • What I just don't get, why not just drown or strangle the victims? Surely this is more humane than anything else currently:

    • It is wrong for you to change the rules when he knew the consequences at the time of his murder why should you or anybody else change the rules now did somebody die and leave you in charge the last time checked it was fair and I for an eye try reading the Bible we all answer to a higher court Power it's no time change the rules now it's not fair if One of the two is already dead and had to suffer severely they don't get A choice so I say they should at least take a little bit of what they they gave pain and anger so I say man up and I say they should just be expecting it and I don't understand why anybody would want to stop it just always keep in your mind that he or she has done the most horrific kind of crime possible with full knowledge of the consequence so now it is time to own it and take the consequences for everybody else you just go about your business and take care of your own family that's a big enough job in itself apparently there were two families that didn't take you Goodnuf care of these two people so like I said take care of your own that's a big job !!!

    • Thank you, RUserious! This article says "Stop the execution of Russell Bucklew!" with the same tone you'd expect in an article that says "Save the rainforest!" or "Protect our wildlife!" – it's incredible. All I had to do was google the man's name to read what he did. There is a reason he is sentenced to death.

      And yes, where is this kind of outcry about all the unborn babies? "A woman's right to control her own body?" It's the same kind of double-talk represented on this "stop the execution" page. "A woman's right to kill her own baby" is what they mean. Ugh….American politics and our PC culture…

  2. Kids belonging to the boyfriend of Bucklew's exgirlfriend answered the door when Bucklew knocked. He came in with two stolen handguns. Shot and killed the boyfriend infront of his six year old child… turned the gun on the child but remarkably missed. Handcuffed and kidnapped his exgirlfriend. Taking her with him in a stolen vehicle leaving the man to die infront of his young children. Raped the ex and had a gunfight with law enforcement injuring cops. Yeah cry me a river if Bucklew experiences pain or discomfort during his overdue execution.

  3. I hope it's every bit as excruciating as what he put his victims through. He'll deserve every second of it.

  4. I have to and fro about this issue, but it comes down to the victims rights. People who commit these atrocities have the benefit of living in a law abiding society. They have had access to education. Their lives may have been tough but how many people grow up in circumstances far more difficult and turn into model citizens. Besides, they cost the tax payer a lot. I say kill em' quick.

  5. Why should his pain be any less than what he did to his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, and her kids. Oh please give me a break. What is Amnesty doing for the survivors? This is a JOKE of a crusade.

  6. Im usually really compassionate and understand but just picturing in my mind the poor children and what kind of character this monster has… only reason to reconsider his fate is if there's a chance they have the wrong one

  7. Hatred only brings and create more hatred lets not forget that no sin is greater than the next and we are all sinners.We will all be judge for our wrong doing. I'm not excusing NONE of the evil things this man has done my heart and prayers go's out to the victims families i'm sure the pain, anger, and hurt they feel is unimaginable.

  8. What I don't appreciate is the fanatism of AI to only focus on the law….the LAW exists today, and it should be abolished, but the cruel and torturous life that this man put those families through is inexcusable. DO NOT Stop the Execution of Russell Bucklew!

  9. If it is true that he really did this then he does not deserve any sympathy. I don't know if an " An eye for an eye" is taken out of content by most who have read it but I don't know what to say about if someone should die or not. If it was my loved one or ones my reaction would be to want the person of blame dead but I would not want to have anything to do with his execution no matter what I said because it was out of devastation so I don't know if we have the right to do that. I have a bumper sticker with all the symbols of the religions of the world and it says in bold letters, " What part of "Thou Shall Not Kill " " didn't you understand" I don't know maybe I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time

  10. A man should take responsibility for his actions would complete knowledge of the consequencesheading sound mind at all times and had involved not one many more crimes in one act

  11. Thou shalt not kill was broken and law of mankind taking a human life Death found guilty facts laws of the state are to be carry out

  12. Here's an idea: If someone is convicted of First Degree Murder (beyond all reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers) the manner of their execution should MIRRO EXACTLY what their victim went through. The treatment of their victim (torture, sexual abuse…etc) should be endured by the perpetrator for the length of time that the victim endured it…. Then the exact wounds inflicted on the victim should be inflicted on the perpetrator and he/she should be left to succumb to those injuries…. I think that is more than fair.

  13. It should be as horrific as you can possibly make it in all cases where there is no question of guilt… If you make the decision to victimize an innocent person or persons in this beautiful land we call the US of A, and they perish at your selfish and greedy hands, We will KILL you back! It should happen every time, but in a more timely manner so that what they did is fresh on their evil minds!

  14. I abhor what this man did. But if we are to say murder is wrong, it must always be wrong. Whether a man suffers while killed is not really the point. I have no problem with an inmate living in hellish conditions, my support of this issue is not to make life easier for what we ALL agree is a horrific person- a terrible immoral loathsome person. If other inmates abuse them, so be it. Let them rot in their cells. We, as human beings, are better than that, we cannot commit the same crimes they have and call them moral.

  15. AS soon as he was convicted they should've ushered him to the nearest basement and but a bullet in the back of his head instead of making taxpayers bear the burden of his appeals and housing and execution.

  16. I believe that if you kill someone innocent and you get the death penalty then you need to die. People calling to stop the execution its cruel and inhuman but did they thank about the victim and what they go through before they died. The hell with the cry babies and human rights

  17. this is all very interesting but just remember that while this guy is executed (deservedly), Patrick o'neal kennedy goes free.

  18. 150 people released from death row since1973. That's why capital punishment should be abolished -to prevent one innocent person being put to death.

  19. Just leave this guy in prison. It is cheaper than the death penalty and less barbaric.

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  21. Yes give him the death penalty but not in the way they are intending. He incites pain and fear this is what strips him of his humanity that is what makes him a monster. So how does that make us any different, yes I know people will have anger and resentment towards him but how does stooping to the same level as him make use any better. An eye for an eye just makes us a murderer as well so I say give him a painless death and move on enough pain has been made over this. Russels loved ones (most probably ignorant of his true nature) shouldn't be made to go through the pain of knowing Russels suffered, Russels crimes have hurt enough innocent people he should just go quietly so everyone can have closure and move on with this.

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