Shocking Facts About Who’s Arming Human Rights Abusers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just six countries export a whopping 74 percent of the world’s weapons, with the US making up 35 percent of the global total. 

Treaties regulate the global trade of many products – even bananas and dinosaur bones – but not guns and bullets. We need a strong Arms Trade Treaty that will stop tools of death from getting into the hands of people like Syria’s Assad and Sudan’s Bashir who continue to brutalize their people.

In July, UN member countries will debate the adoption of a global Arms Trade Treaty.  Take action to make sure they make the right decision — to keep weapons out of the wrong hands!

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arms trade infographic

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14 thoughts on “Shocking Facts About Who’s Arming Human Rights Abusers [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Luke, are you projecting because you yourself are some kind of lapdog?

    Acknowledging that Israel is a democratic state under the rule of law, which can investigate and prosecute crimes, which has a Supreme Court that can rule against torture — that’s not claiming “Israel can do no wrong”. It’s a needed sane and normal opposition to the crazed and sick obsession with Israel that people like you have that so blinds them to all the far greater evils in the world.

    Er, “Russophobia,” because I criticize Russia legitimately? How come Russia, with the most bloody atrocities on its hands now with Syria, and with its past in Chechnya, Afghanistan, and so on, would get a pass?

    People like you utterly discredit the left.

    It’s astounding when people can’t see the atrocities for which Russia and countries like China, Sudan, Iran are responsible. All we can do is keep trying to speak words of conscience. That’s what Amnesty International is supposed to be about.

  2. Luke, let me say a word to Catherine.

    Catherine: Tell me, has Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Profileration Act?

    Has Israel signed the Nuclear Non-Profileration Act?

    What country in the middle east has nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them?

    What major country in the world has nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them against Iran?

    Catherine, what rights does a country have under the Nuclear Non-Profileration Act?

    • Guten Tag

      Erik remember your roots, sabertooth tiger, diolodicus, tyranosaurus rex, tar pits and museums.

      Aufwiedersehen 12,25,39

  3. We need to end this hollow competition of which country can up the anty on best performing mass destructive technology. All weapons at the end of the day kill innocent civilians like those who have left comments. Maybe the economic mess we are in, is largely due to expenditure of this nature. Its sad human race has become so self destructive and can’t see it. India is the world’s worst human rights abuser of its own people. Hence I can believe it receives largest trade in weapons. A country where the regime operates with out any due regard for any consistent law, should not be provided weapons to commit further crimes. The countries selling these weapons should be stopped, and internationally recognised as committing severe crimes with hefty discouragements in place by UN.

  4. Blah blah blah blah blah…people like you should have GPS implants so normal people always know where you are

  5. Please get the Book "Freedom Betrayed" -memoirs of Herbert Hoover – USA president from 1929-1933. It will give you a better idea of what really happened on this Planet, that I call TERRA. I am a citizen of this planet. I am TERRAN. I am a Krieger of the SOUL, SPIRET, ESSENCE, CONCIOUSNESS.

    Erik, learn to read between the LINES of the news that is printed in newspapers. The media in this country is nothing more than lies and propaganda distributed by perjurers in power and the very wealthy.

    This country USA is in a financial and moral ABBYS, and going deaper and deaper. When will it end? WHO knows.

    Deiner V. AUFWIEDERSEHEN 12,25,39

  6. First learn how to control the killings here in the U.S. from stolen guns then worry about over there

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