Prop 8 Out, Equality In

The verdict is in.  A federal judge in San Francisco today struck down a voter-approved ban on gay marriage in California.

At Amnesty, we welcome the decision as Proposition 8 challenged our basic human right to be treated equally under the law.  In response to the ruling, Amnesty International USA Executive Director Larry Cox issued the following statement:

“The U.S. District Court has sent a clear message on Proposition 8: discrimination by any means is unacceptable.  This affirms not only equality in civil marriage, but the basic human right to be treated equally under the law, without regard to an individual’s sexual orientation.

“Proposition 8 served only to stigmatize same-sex relationships in ways that can fuel further discrimination. Denying equal civil recognition of same-sex relationships compounds the effects of discrimination and undermines other rights, such as the right to housing or social security.  Amnesty International welcomes today’s ruling as an affirmation of equality under the law.”

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