LIVE NOW: Ferguson, where do we go from here?

Watch this powerful conversation between activists and leaders from Ferguson, St. Louis, and beyond about next steps for the movement for human rights and accountability. The 4 recorded live streams below were recorded by individuals who have been streaming from the ground since the protests began.

Watch any of the streams below to hear a powerful panel discussion from Tef Poe, Dr. Marva Robinson, Brendan Roediger, Jarris Williams, Maalik Shakoor, and Patricia Bynes.

Follow the 4 individual streams today and beyond on Twitter at @bassem_masri, @AnonCopwatch, @stldagger and @rebelutionary_z

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7 thoughts on “LIVE NOW: Ferguson, where do we go from here?

  1. What a joke. We have whatches the comedy for 2.5 months now and its rediculous. Give them real equality and make the ignorant assholes work like the rest of us for our roof and food and healthcare.

  2. So how many times do we have to deal with this issue, it has always been an issue of people wanting stuff given to them rather than earning it, then people will respect you. Starting this protest over a kid that broke many laws and wanting the conviction of a Police officer that just was doing his job will get you no respect. And do not say the protesters are peaceful because I ve watching all the live streams and they been attacking the police and businesses every time they are out. Threatening to kill white people if you dont get want you want is not the way to get a serious conversation going. Just my opinion..

  3. Where do we go from here? You can start by acknowledging that Michael Brown is responsible for his own tragic death and that all forensic evidence, multiple autopsies and credible witnesses support Darrin Wilson's claim of self-defense. From there you can shame those responsible for the false narrative and rattling the cages that resulted in riots and looting. And then you can shame those that actively participated in the riots, violence and looting. And then you can find a real case of racism to rally behind. Just a suggestion. Please post my comment.

  4. I'm the first, wow, I watched this live and loved how the activists and leaders from Ferguson come together to discuss future plans. I am so glad they Live Streamers to show the truth in what is going on in Ferguson and St Louis. I have been watching Independent Journalist Rebelutionary Z since August and from there other citizen streamers. I rather watch their Truth be told across my screen that is not spun out of control by CNN or Fox news. With these Independent Journalist and streamers, I feel that I am part of Ferguson although I live in Aurora CO. Ferguson has some beautiful, passionate people, young and old, teaming up to make a contribution for things to change making sure Justice happens. What happens in Ferguson is a nation wide problem! How it is handled by Federal, State, City Government, hopefully others States will open up their eyes to see Police Brutality and Racism does exist and needs to stop. The Blue Code of Silence has to be eliminated within. I want my grandsons which I have 12 of them to be able to walk this earth without fearing the police.

  5. I think the best deal is to , get rid of the police department and start new . Stop waiting for the political game and burn the place down and start new

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