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  1. Greg Campbell
    September 27, 2013

    What a moving story! I've always felt that the UA network is one of AI's most important activities. As a prolific writer of UA appeal letters, one of my concerns over the past year has been the lack of timely UAs; often, they would be sent out weeks after the date of origin of the appeal. Hopefully, the renewed focus on this program will eliminate that problem.

  2. Beatris
    October 5, 2013

    I like it whenever people come together and share ideas.

    Great blog, keep it up!

  3. Hollie
    October 7, 2013

    That is so great! These things should happen more often!

  4. Kevin Right
    December 28, 2013

    Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  5. Board
    July 28, 2017

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