Congress’ New Year’s Resolution Should Be to Pass an Inclusive VAWA

VAWA rally in washington dcAs Congress gets ready to take its holiday break, time is running out to pass an inclusive Violence Against Women Act that protects ALL communities.

Talks between Congressional leadership in the House and the Senate continued over the weekend with no final agreement announced yet.  Republican leadership is still refusing to include crucial provisions to protect Native women from violence.  But with less than two weeks until the end of the year, Congress MUST act quickly to pass a just and fair VAWA that is inclusive of ALL communities, including Native American and Alaska Native women. Last week, Sarah Deer, an Assistant Professor at William Mitchell College of Law and a member of Amnesty International USA’s Native American and Alaska Native Maze Advisory Council, provided an update on what is at stake if  the Tribal provisions are left out of VAWA. Sarah appeared on MSNBC over the weekend to discuss the realities of violence against Native women and why it is so critical for the Tribal provisions to be part of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Watch the short clip here and then take action by calling Majority Leader Cantor at 202.225.2815 and telling him to pass a VAWA that protects everyone, including Native women.

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One thought on “Congress’ New Year’s Resolution Should Be to Pass an Inclusive VAWA

  1. Your article misrepresent the topic of VAWA, since it does not discuss how the Senate version of VAWA, that discriminated against males, denied men their US Constitutional rights, did not require any “Credible Evidence” of DV to put a man in jail, thus invalidating a proper “due process” which violated men’s civil rights, denied men their Human Rights, was incentivizing divorce since the crime of DV was successfully used in Family Courts to gain all the property, was used to destroyed marriages and children’s lives for over 18 years and was financed by the US Government, hopefully this is not what the Amnesty International supports.

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