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  1. paige lambert
    February 6, 2013

    Could we also ask for a quantifiable level of acceptable civilian casualties of drone bombings? Additionally, i would request that the names of innocent victims be provided, as well as some way to send personal messages of condolence and apology to their surviving relatives. paige lambert

    • jon smith
      February 7, 2013


  2. jon smith
    February 7, 2013

    do you want to get rid of the talabin also they killed enough of our civies in 911 so killing a couple of people over there is fine

    • Adeel
      December 17, 2013

      the facts are that 3,000 civilians got killed in 911. Its subsequent response killed more than 200,000. No human being is better or worse than any other human being. I am surprised at your thoughts Mr whatever. And probably those authorizing these drone strikes come up with the same excuse or logic, "go for it, it might kill "A Taliban" with few civilians, no problem". Not realizing that this act will make children and relatives of the victims "A Taliban" as well.

  3. Mohamed I. Elgadi
    August 18, 2013

    A question I faced few times while running a Tabling event of Amnesty in Amherst downtown : Why Amnesty making a big deal of Drones in war zones (e.g. Afghanistan) and not the conventional bombardment that usually results 3-4 times of civilian casualty?… I appreciate helping me here

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