Maryland Commission Votes for Death Penalty Repeal

On Wednesday, the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment voted to recommend repealing the death penalty in Maryland. The Commission was created by the Maryland General Assembly to conduct a thorough study of capital punishment in that state. After five public hearings and hours of testimony from both experts and the general public, the Commission determined that Maryland’s death penalty is:

  • Racially and geographically biased
  • More expensive
  • Harmful to victims’ families
  • Not a deterrent.

The Commission also concluded that there is a “real possibility of wrongly executing an innocent person” in Maryland. 

The Commission’s final report is due on December 15, and then, beginning in January of 2009, the General Assembly will decide on whether to finally abolish capital punishment Maryland.

Victims' families gathered before the Maryland Commission to urge repeal

Victims' families before the Commission urging repeal