Top 10 Fair Trade Gifts for the Holidays

Has it ever happened to you? Someone gives you a gift that has a beautiful, memorable story behind it. Maybe they found that special something while traveling or saw something at a flea market that just screamed your name.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift – and one that keeps on giving—we can help!

Amnesty has gifts that are fairly traded, supporting indigenous communities all over the world. Your gift also supports Amnesty and our life-saving work. And when you give a gift from our store, you’re raising awareness for human rights.

We source products from organizations like Mercado Global and Swahili Imports that work with local communities to produce beautiful, high quality and sustainable crafts to increase livelihoods of their artists. Your gift would is a celebration of your own family and friends, but also a contribution to families around the world!

Here’s our top ten favorites: