Dozens Held in Syria Following Mass Arrests

By Mahsa Maleki, Syria Country Specialist for Amnesty USA

Update: Amnesty has issued an Urgent Action for Syrian political activist George Sabra, who has been detained since July 20. Take action now in support of his release. (PDF download.)

The death count in Syria continues to climb. Since last weekend alone, 32 people are reported to have been killed throughout Syria by security forces and the army, bringing the total number of reported killings to more than 1,380.

Political activist ’Ali al-‘Abdullah was detained in Qatana on Sunday © Amnesty International

As you read this, dozens of men are being held incommunicado at unknown locations after the Syrian security forces conducted mass arrests in a Damascus suburb last weekend, targeting people who supported or participated in pro-reform protests. They are at grave risk of torture.

Among those arrested and held incommunicado is journalist and political activist ‘Ali al-‘Abdullah, aged 61. We are especially concerned for his well-being as he underwent heart surgery three weeks ago and it is not known if he is receiving the required constant medical attention and treatment.