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2 thoughts on “What Imagine Dragons Did Before They Performed on Saturday Night Live

  1. On another note, inmates of ALL of Michigan's jails and prisons have now contracted with Aramark for food services and they are serving nothing but disguised soy products to look like nutritional food. I know, I had to sit 20 days for a trumped up "Malicious Communications" charge. Lost 20 pounds just like that, I am 6 foot tall to begin with, so from 150 to 130 is pretty bad. 57 years old and this is all about being poor, in poverty and homeless.

  2. I am glad theses groups are speaking out through their music, but this is just the tip of the iceberg with the police so firmly positioned for ML, and Madonna, Michigan is your home, you might think you could get a little more personal and investigate what Traverse City, MI courts of non-justice are doing. You may think taxpayers cover people in county jail. WRONG! Anyone in county jail has to pay to stay!! I want out of this state so bad I can taste it, no work and age discrimination are rampant, with nothing but dirty tricks from the politicians and the wealthy. Hide the homeless or better yet, make up charges to keep them in the vicious cycle of debt, cannot hold a job because of all court restrictions, so then back to jail you go! Something has to give people, this cannot keep happening!

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