Balaclavas in Action

We got word yesterday that authorities will rule on Pussy Riot’s appeal on October 10. In the meantime balaclava-clad Amnesty activists have made their rounds across New York City during the UN General Assembly protesting the unjust 2 year prison sentence for three women of Pussy Riot.  And around the world thousands more joined in to make a very public statement that the world is watching.

Check out these inspiring images of balaclavas-in-action and join the movement by continuing to take action until each and every Pussy Riot member has been set free.

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5 thoughts on “Balaclavas in Action

  1. Please be very carefull and diplomatic. Today's Russia's Power is trying, not unsuccedfully, finding out enemies in order to emphatize nationalism and let forget real problems. In this framework they're even making available by Internet documents "proving" the efforts of USA in order to prepare "climatic weapons" against, first of all, the present Russian Federation.. USA indeed have given so far a very poor contribution, even more a negative one, in fighting against CO2 pollution and for environment protection. Interventions abroad for Human Rights from a Country executing likely innocent people and officially refusing any contribution to environment protection may be easily interpreted/exploited as a simple interfering in foreign countries'.affairs. I highly recommend AI using Affiliates in more reliable Countries for actions in Favour of human rights and environmemt protection

  2. How long will AIUSA allow "Julia" to insult commenters by referring to them as certain body part. This is now the 2nd such comparison of two commenters. And yet this forum allows for personal insults to be posted by this shallow individual…

    • We feel your frustration Thomas. We have filters set up on this blog but unfortunately trolls and spammers get through. We do our best to keep up with comments but short of moderating all comments these things will get through. We will try our best to delete and maintain the guidelines of this blog.

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