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10 thoughts on “Will You Stand with Malala?

  1. God bless you Malala you've stood up to the facists like so many have done before and you've become stronger. You are a wonderful human being and an inspiration for all humanity. Much love and a courage to you.

    • "was shot by Taliban gunmen hoping to scare her" Shooting someone pointblank in the head isn't a very effective way of scaring them. I'm pretty sure they were trying to kill her.

  2. Its pleasure to see her courage n determination. I wish someone stand against the emotional, psycological n other kind of domestic violence we pakistani girls face after being married because its not a certain regions problem its faced by anyone, from anywhr and pakistan have no rights for thousands of such young girls

  3. More strength to Malala. That's the kind of girl who will lead the way to justice for all repressed people.

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