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7 thoughts on “Is U.S. Aid Complicit in Egyptian Abuses?

  1. Um … Billions of dollars in US military aid to Israel? Thousands of dead Palestinians? Is there any possible justification for omitting these numbers, or is this an outright falsification of the truth?

    • Exactly, and this also left out that it is the US funding jihadists in Syria that Assad gov is fighting using Russian arms.

  2. Very well put! Exactly what needs to be done and also in the 176 other conflicts US is involved in. War is not a panacea. Diplomacy not force was Obama’s campaign promise, but he has sold out to big money who profits from violent conflicts.

  3. The American people deserve to know that their government is not condoning the arming of human rights violators.

  4. Of course they shouldn't be sending these kind of items over there, or anywhere else for that matter. Give someone a gun, he will shoot it at some point.

  5. I am sure the US are doing a lot of harm by sending weapons anywhere. Maybe they want to help, but they are making things worse

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