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One thought on “Have You Seen the Violence That Continues in Egypt?

  1. The Brotherhood is a terrorist group that wants to shove their brand of religion down every ones throat. They lied to the Egyptian people that they only wanted to have freedom in the country. Once in power the brotherhood under Moris pushed to have their brand of religion with Shari law. Making all other religions illegal, women to be treated like rats, spread more hate about the Jews, stacked the government with members of the brotherhood. The military was the only way to get rid of this vermin. The citizens of Egypt do not have a Bill of Rights like we do here in the United States. The citizens of the US have one of many rights granted by our Constitution which gives us the right to out the federal government by force if the need ever arrives. If our government turns into any other form of government other than what we have now, we the people can rise up with ARMS and depose and arrest the perpetrators. This is called the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
    The Egyptian should have this in there new constitution, THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. This way the military will not have to step in to overthrow a illegal government.
    Thank goodness for the Egyptian Military for now.

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