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7 thoughts on “Amnesty Youth Activist Reflects on Historic U.N. Education Summit

  1. i like the them "right to Education to all",

    it is very important now atdays, because you would be payed for 'Education', while someone is stirring at you as if you shouldn't 've that.

    "while, essentially, the them 'Education' isn't, who is to & who is to not."

    ( i ve had the problem of 'Education' myself.)

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  3. These efforts culminated in Malala delivering the youth resolution to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as part of the world’s first ever U.N. youth takeover. This was a major milestone for our generation in demanding and shaping the advancement of human rights.

  4. There is no underestimating the power of education in influencing major world decisions. The resolve of these youth delegates at the UN General Assembly was a clear message to the world leaders that education needs to be made accessible to all young people. The courage exhibited by the youth delegates in presenting the amended youth resolution on education to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon is a direct statement that education empowers our youth. With the penetration of education to all youth in the world, it is possible to have a wealth of writers that will enable custom writing help to reach even a larger audience.

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