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5 thoughts on “The Side of Sochi Russia Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. I believe everyone has the right to be safe from harm. This includes those with whom we may not see eye to eye. I'm especially concerned that the most vulnerable group, children, are denied basic human rights to a safe world. When we teach children they have rights, they will be much more willing to extend them to others. I propose the basic human right, safety, from tge cradle to the grave for all humans.

  2. Russia is not prepared for the Olympics. As a nation, its government lacks comprehension toward their own people. Cruelty will never be the right way to deal with human behaviour, beliefs, opinions and so on. Why does government goes against people. God himself loved all sinners although He was, is and will be Perfect and Righteous now and forever amen. Why then, persons in power responsible of guiding others mistreat, attacks, and destroy all whom think different and behave out of the "norm". In my opinion it is time to bann this government and its political, religious, and socioeconomical leaders. They have to understand the message. How Russia will receive and value people from other nations when they themselves reject, attack and kill their nationals. Olympics is about understanding, sharing, loving, comprehending and helping others in the big game of Life as One, a globalized world built of many nations, tribes and tongues. Vladimir, if you do not respect human rights of yourself and all the russians you will never respect any other nation.

  3. Russia was never prepared for anything that shows to others her real face. It's like any other communist country: they prefer to stay only between them and avoid the contact with strangers, so they cannot see what;s happening there.

  4. The man is out of control and there is nothing we can do about it. I will never be able to understand how these people come to power. But, I do think it's worth taking on a big conflict to bring him down.

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