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Jiva Manske is a brother, a son, a social justice educator, and an organizer. He has dedicated over 10 years to empowering people to know that all voices matter, and building power to change the world. He has taught principles of nonviolence and created conflict transformation systems with teachers and students in the United States, Costa Rica, and Iran, trained activists and peace builders in Austria, Romania, and Afghanistan, and developed restorative justice programs alongside inmates and their families in New Mexico. After joining Amnesty’s field team in 2010, he worked with staff, member leaders, and coalition partners to repeal of the death penalty in Maryland and pass the Maryland Dream Act, and cultivated sustainable activism throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. As Managing Director of Field Activism and Organizing, Jiva remains committed to movement-building through organizing that lifts up the voices and stories of those who are most impacted by human rights abuses, and to a world in which everyone knows that they matter.
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Moving Together to End Police Brutality

South African police block a march by protesting miners in Rustenburg after a security crackdown in the restive platinum belt where officers shot dead 34 strikers (Photo Credit: Alexander Joe/AFP/GettyImages).

I spend my evenings reading Twitter these days. Scroll, refresh. Scroll, refresh. I’m looking for news, yes, but I’m really looking to see if the people that I know who are protesting are still safe.

Last night, I clicked on a video of protestors gathered in front of the Ferguson police department chanting, “Why you wearing riot gear? We don’t see no riot here!” In the echo of that chant runs an anxiety based on experience: that the tension in each new moment could explode in a canister of teargas or pepper spray, in the blast of a sound cannon, in the firing of rubber bullets.