Why I’m Taking Action for Zunar

Drawing with embedded photograph showing one of this years cases for Write for Rights. All design assets associated with this campaign available here: https://amnesty.app.box.com/s/9w3s2c96tz7kl0i26gb914bj0ua1qvlb Zulkiflee Anwar “Zunar” Ulhaque faces a lengthy jail sentence after taking to Twitter to condemn the jailing of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Zunar is a political cartoonist well known for his satirical attacks on government corruption and electoral fraud. He now faces nine charges under the Sedition Act, a draconian, outdated law from 1948 dredged up to grant the government sweeping powers to arrest and lock up its critics. In the first six months of 2015, more than 40 journalists, academics, political activists and lawyers were interrogated, arrested or charged under the Sedition Act. The space for dissent and debate in Malaysia is disappearing fast.

By Harry Belafonte, artist and activist 

All my life I have used my art to fight for social justice. So when I see freedom of expression under serious attack, I must act.

That is why I stand with Amnesty International today in demanding justice for courageous Malaysian cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar “Zunar” Ulhaque, who is facing decades in prison for political Tweets he sent in February.

Join me. Urge the Malaysian government to immediately drop the charges against Zunar.

Zunar is one of 12 urgent human rights cases highlighted in Amnesty’s 2015 Write for Rights campaign, the biggest human rights event in the world. Zunar’s case is about much more than Tweets. It’s about a government that is systematically and harshly stifling criticism.

He’s been harassed for years. No newspaper dares to publish his work for fear of government retribution. Authorities raided his home and three printing firms that had previously published his work. All 18 of his books are banned.

Don’t let this brave voice be silenced. Join me in defending Zunar’s right to free speech.

Zunar is not the only one. In the first six months of 2015, more than 40 journalists, academics, political activists and lawyers were interrogated, arrested or charged under similar attacks on free speech. Artists risk so much…they need to know that others like you will rise to their defense when tyranny strikes.

I am proud to lend Zunar my voice today. I hope that you will lend him yours.

In peace,

Harry Belafonte


Take Action NOW. Sign up for Write for Rights (www.amnestyusa.org/w4r) and write a letter on Zunar’s behalf. Don’t let his oppressors win. Defend his right to free expression – demand that all charges be dropped against this courageous artist.

Also, join a livestream conversation with Zunar on Monday December 7th: Register here.

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