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4 thoughts on “Participation Rights Are Women’s Rights!

  1. Violence against women is rampant in India. Basically, the present attitude towards women streams from Hindu religious scriptures which refer to women in a contemptuous manner.The oldest Hindu scripture is the 'Vedas' which contains highly objectionable and condemnable passages concerning women. Taking cue from the 'Vedas' authors of subsequent religious scriptures referred to women in a still more contemptuous manner. 'Sati pratha' (custom of burning the widow with the body of her husband), 'Dasi Pratha' (keeping the slave girls), 'Niyog Pratha' (ancient Aryan custom of childless widow or women having sexual intercourse with a man other than husband to beget child), were among cruel customs responsible for the plight of the women, In addition to these cruel rituals, female infanticide was widespread throughout the country. Although the British passed criminal laws ro arrest these cruelties, even today in 21st century female infants are killed by mothers. There are villages where the girl child population is almost nil.

  2. There are a lot of areas in which a woman's input is valuable….all of them actually. It's about time countries realize this and stop treating women as something less than human.

  3. Women help in many many ways and they could do even more if they had the opportunity, so of course they deserve exactly the same rights as men have.

  4. Bringing equality to women is a fantastic aim – but you also need to guard against using made up statistics.

    The following are entirely made up – they are replicated because they are shocking – but both common sense a lot of time on Google will show that they don't actually have a basis in any research data.

    — Worldwide, women invest 90% of their income in their families and communities; men, only 30%-40% of theirs. (How could this possibly be true??)

    — land (of which women own only 2%) — NOT TRUE -see research by Cheryl Doss of Yale University

    Comparing Papua New Guinea with Rwanda… PNG is always going to come out worse on many aspects of service provision due to the vast difference in population density between the two countries.

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