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13 thoughts on “New Texas Legislation An ‘Unbelievable Attack’ on Women’s Rights

  1. How can you call yourself a Human Rights Organization when you disregard human rights for the most innocent, silent and defenseless? You were a 100% innocent, silent and defenseless unborn child once. Why not come to the defense of the human rights of the unborn child????

    • Hey first take care of the born children. There are thousands and thousands children are hungry and starving in this world and you are worry about unborn ones. get life man.

  2. I have a life man. Cause My Mother didnt selfishly abort me man! Hunger is a worthy cause man — but has Nothing to do with 20 week old human beings being sliced and torn from a Mothers womb man!

    • Were are you when girls and women are raped, or victims of incest? Do you fight for THEM?

    • Listen up Brian. Abortion is not selfish if it is the only option for that individual woman or couple. In regards to hoss' comment, hunger has everything to do with it! Why the hell would you want more children in this world who cannot be raised properly, adequately and, most importantly, LOVINGLY by parent(s). If a mother (and potentially father depending on the circumstances) feels as if she is not ready, in regards to both her maturity and financial levels, to have a baby than I would much rather see that fetus (which is COMPLETELY unaware of itself) be killed rather than a live, self-aware child have to struggle through his/her life.
      EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: I would NEVER feel as if I have the right to tell another woman or man what to do with her/his own body, and I damn well expect that every other American gives me that same respect in return. Pipe down your backwards and outdated beliefs and give people the choice to choose what they do with their own bodies and babies. NUFF SAID.

  3. Dude, why does everyone think abortion equals ripping, slicing, vacuuming and painful injections? Do you realize that you can get abortions way earlier in the game before there's even a need for sucking or tearing? You take a pill that flushes the clump of cells right out of your body, and that's that. Seriously.

    Also, there is nothing to "defend" from. It's prevention of birth. You can use the whole "oh but my mother had me and you were a baby too once!" argument all you like, but let's be honest–if you had never been born, nobody would have cared. If I had never been born, it would not have been anyone's loss. Does that sound cruel? Probably, but it's true. If neither of us had been born, we wouldn't even know what we were missing. There would be nothing to be sad or horrified about.

    And there's nothing selfish about abortion. Is parasite removal selfish? They're living creatures too, you know.

  4. The law talks about 20 plus week abortions. Research the procedure yourself. If you think there is no difference between a 21 week old fetus and parasite removal I suggest you get educated. Abortion is the easy selfish choice Deborah. For those in the most dire situation you describe or even for those that just dont want a baby or an inconvience there is adoption. Not everyone is blessed to concieve a child.

  5. Ummm… how the hell is adoption the BEST solution to someone who (early in their pregnancy!!) doesn't want a baby? Sure be raised in a world where you'll be neglected and unwanted! Let's further reinstate how little we want you by passing you of to some randos who probably won't raise you that well anyway! Let's just continue to overpopulate our earth with unwanted babies!!!!! YAY!
    And just in case you're as idiotic as you appear to be, all sarcasm.

  6. I would suggest you try to stick to debating like an adult and the law being discussed. It's helpful to argue facts and less irrational emotion. 20 plus weeks is not early in pregnancy. Do you have any friends/family/acquaintances/co-workers/neighbors that have been adopted or have themselves adopted children? In your experience (if any whatsoever) are adopted children raised by "randos?" and not raised right? Or after being adopted by a family that went to great lengths that baby remains "unwanted" with nothing to contribute but "overpopulating" the earth? Texas – not exactly a lack of resources and room to grow. I take it you are absolutely giddy and infavor of ending life (or in your view any chance at a life 20+ weeks AFTER conception) and vehemently opposed (and mocking when suggested) to giving life a chance thru adoption. The majority of Texas thanks my Governor and legislature for passing and signing this law. What is also not mentioned is this will shutdown dirty and ill-equipped facilities that fail to meet the most basic requirements of medical clinics. Even a dental office had certain standards that until now nasty abortion clinics hadn't been held to. Choose Life.

    • No the majority in Texas do NOT thank our governor. You don't speak for anyone but yourself and that's good, because you don't have a clue. Only 1% of women have abortions after 20 weeks. The reason why it's after 20 wks is because that's when you can tell if there are any developmental problems, like a hole in its head, it's lungs growing outside the body, etc. Really bad birth defects that mean suffering and certain death, if the fetus makes it to delivery at all. In which case, women can choose to abort or continue to carry and deliver, only to watch their baby suffer and die. It is probably the most heartbreaking decision they will ever make, because these are women that want a baby. There is only one place in the U.S. I know of that does late term abortions. And it costs over $25,000. Obviously, if the pregnancy was unwanted, the woman would have an abortion at 7 or 8 wks, and only pay about $400. That's just common sense. Also, if by chance a woman after 20 wks has a miscarriage, and her body doesn't expel the fetus, the procedure to remove the dead fetus is also considered an abortion. Being forced to continue carrying a dead fetus can cause serious infection and even death. Plus, that's just gross! So do not judge something you don't know anything about. And I'm telling you, you dont. You have no idea what agony these women face. They deserve compassion, not judgement. But republicans won't tell you all this. Their rigid beliefs put pregnant women in jeopardy. And they don't care. If you doubt what I've said, go look it up at a reputable medical website, not lifenews. All they do is give misinformation. And they don't know much about abortion because they don't want to. They're uninformed, just like you.

  7. Just came across this little article again and saw this lovely response, which I now feel compelled to respond to even if it is months later, because why the hell not? Yes, I chose the path of sarcasm in my previous comment because that's just how I amuse myself (plus I think all of your beliefs are idiotic and backwards so why not just entertain myself by mocking you all?! What's life if you can't entertain yourself??).

    To clarify, when I made the side note of abortion being appropriate early in a woman's pregnancy, I was not stating that I believe 20+ weeks is early. In my personal opinion I would say early is within the first 12 weeks. My point was misconstrued (and I can see how).

    In regards to children, I've worked with kids for more than a decade of my life, from toddlers to teens, and ya wanna know how many bad parents are out there? A LOT. Many parents don't know how to properly raise a child in all aspects (physically, socially, emotionally, etc). The list could go on and on. I'm willing to bet most of you were raised poorly by your parents in some sense based on your responses.
    "WHAT?!?!" exclaims the defensive pro-lifer. By this I mean, all of you have professed your opinions and are incapable of understanding that you SHOULD NOT have control over other peoples' lives, you are NOT entitled to make an extremely personal life decision for any woman or couple and you DO NOT have any say in what a woman wants to do with her own body. This is what we here in the land of the FREE call robbing someone of their basic rights. That your parents didn't teach you this…. tisk tisk tisk. (Obviously, I'm not saying your parents should have aborted you all, but they most definitely should have taught you the concept of basic human rights).
    Why should ANY of you feel like YOU are of any significance to Suzy Knockedup and have the ENTITLEMENT to tell her what she should do with the unborn fetus in her uterus?

    Us pro-choicers have the wisdom and capabilities of understanding that each and every American should have the right and the freedom to choose what they do with their lives. And that is something wonderful I learned from my open, accepting and loving parents.

    Let's end this spiel with some fun situational experiment. Let's turn the tables. Say we lived in an extremely overpopulated America and some ridiculous law existed where any pregnant woman MUST get an abortion. All of you would CLEARLY be opposed to this, as would I. And that is because in a country that preaches its freedom, we should all be given the right to make our own personal life choices without the government telling us what to do. God Bless America (And God Bless me for living in New England and not backwards Texas. YAY)

  8. I had no idea Texas has issues like this one. I think there should be a bigger set of laws that should apply to the whole USA, because it's obvious the differences between states are too big right now

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