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5 thoughts on “Maternal Health: When Will America Wake Up?

  1. As an immigrant mother I feel that this is catch 22 gray area. In some ways babies have the right for full healthy birth. Meanwhile it's way over done that black, Spanish & those particular Chinese women that I am sure can afford paying for their own keep taking advantage of the free system. I am a civil right activist and that is why I stand for the people that end up paying the bill for most irresponsible pregnancies if you can't pay you're child hospital birth bill than how do you plan on paying to raise the child and pay for his or her education? Too many African American teen agers, Hispanics, and greedy Chinese immigrants are using free loaders of the health system in America. This situation tends to create not only more poverty, unbalanced society, increase in health insurance cost, stereo typing and discrimination!! This continued blood sucking act on their part will only end up inure hospital shut downs which will hurt the true women that need and deserve the financial help. Excessive use of the system as if its a well like it will never drain, is what those women are doing, and it caused a Major shut down. I am for the government to help the people and provide them with what they need but with lots and that is why there should be Obama Care for every one in our country. It is time that both government and individuals stepped up and took responsibilities for their actions, needs, and wants.
    You want a lot of children, more power to you, just make sure you pay for it!!!!

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