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8 thoughts on “SHOCKING: Teenage Gang-Rape Survivor in Sudan Convicted of ‘Indecent Acts’

  1. Unbelievable! It's 2014 and these things actually go on? So, how come those rapists didn't receive capital punishment for committing adultery? Weren't they married, when they raped theif victim?

  2. This kind of act happened even by government militiamen in Darfur, South Korfan & Blue Nile and no body can say any thing but it's very very rare in the central cities and against the foreign girls from Ethiopia or Eritrea by teenagers and we are doing our best for the sake of edification & awareness to raise our society and government.

  3. it is dispicable and bad act that victim of sexual assault be blamed for the sexual assault,not the sex offendors

  4. this is blatant misogny and hatred of women and a denial of human can any society call itself civilised when they act like this.

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