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4 thoughts on “Inside the DRC’s Artisanal Mining Industry

  1. For many years I’ve been aware that it has always been the greed of the white elites that fuels the violence, repression and death thast have been the staple of life in Africa. However, I’ve recently become aware of the human rights situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s mineral-rich Katanga province and the role of multi-national miners in the continuing poverty and repression of the local people. The situation is outlined clearly in Amnesty International’s report "Profit and Loss: Mining and Human Rights in Katanga, Democratic Republic Congo" (at ) and the greed of the miners can be clearly seen in the video at Please help the people of Africa to rise above the greed of these people by supporting their cause in any way you can.

  2. I have done quite a lot of field research in ASM Katanga (Kipushi, Likasi, Kambove, Tenke Fungurume, Kahama, Tiluizembe, Mosoie etc). The recent one was shown in programme called special assignment on 23 of Februray 2014. Look the big issue in the DRC around ASM is the legislation itself and its implementation, – Corruption and lack of resources and skill for government institutions in charge of this sector such as SAESCAM & EMAK. The formalisation of the sector may be a soultion – but, why to formalise this sector means to understand why people of Congo turns to ASM activities and why the sector is so prominent in the DRC?

  3. people are being exploited over there and they're sacrificing their health for a slice of bread for their children and back here we're complaining about our smartphones, tablets and so on…

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