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6 thoughts on “HAPPENING NOW: LGBT Nigerians Jailed After Passage of New Anti-Gay Law

  1. We start to make some progress towards equal rights for LGBT people in the US, only to see other parts of the world take giant, terrifying leaps backward. I am so quickly losing all hope for humanity.

  2. This behavior by "law enforcement" and by an elected president (he is more a dictator) is horrific and intolerable. For a man named "Goodluck" to show such rabid contempt for the feelings and safety of members of his own citizenry is abominable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This cruel persecution vibrantly goes against EVERY civilized convention in the modern world. It is DISGUSTING, and needs to be stopped – NOW!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you. We should all be happy when another human being loves someone. Email from the USA to support the repeal of this law.

  4. Every person has the right to live their own life by their own will which is being the natural law. I think that we are supposed to support the people that are fighting for the right of gays.

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