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6 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing: What We Learned in the Central African Republic

  1. What kind of bs is this? Where have you gotten this information? It's the muslims killing Christians, not the other way around. If it were true, it would be terrible. As it is, countless numbers of Christians get killed and tortured daily in multiple countries, and mostly by muslims. I really don't understand where you all got this story from. Probably the muslims.

  2. Ah, I see. Christians for years have been killed, tortured, and driven out of their homes by muslims, they now decide to fight back, which is reasonable, and you want to speak up for the muslims?

  3. Holy shit, these are not true Christians. They are a group claiming to be Christian they are using Christs name for there own gain. Christ would have never done something like this.

  4. It is wrong, but it started because of similar treatment from a previous Muslim leader towards Christians. At any rate, these things should never start because stopping them is so difficult, but it has to stop somewhere and as soon as possible is good.

  5. Have you noticed that the Christian vigilante groups are called anti-balaka — i.e., anti-machete? They had finally had enough of being persecuted, raped and killed by the Muslims (the Muslims who had violently overthrown their government), and they stood up to take their country back. It isn't "clashes between the Christian majority" etc. that have led to the violence — it was the violent overthrow of the government, by Muslims, followed by violent persecution of Christians, by Muslims, that led to the violence.

    It's quite striking that this blog post doesn't even *pretend* to be about protecting both sides, ensuring that the government is stable and that the Muslims who carried out the coup don't try again, etc. More than once, it blatantly says that the goal is to protect the Muslims. Period. Meanwhile, I suppose, the ethnic cleansing of Christians is supposed to be allowed to go on without comment, just as it was before the anti-balaka groups formed. This is shameful. I used to be a proud member of Amnesty International, but now that it's primarily about defending Muslims who violently overthrow governments and persecute Christians, I'm over it.

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