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8 thoughts on “Amnesty Celebrates Mandela’s Birthday, Lifetime of Activism

    • He became president on 10 May 1994 and served one term until 14 June 1999, succeed by Thabo Mbeki.

  1. RIP "tata". You are the reason why I joined Amnesty. Your time on earth was truly a blessing.
    "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

  2. Communist terrorist responsible for over hundreds of bombings killing women and children – even AI has no qualms stooping to the most childish propaganda. They really do think we are so stupid.

    • Sounds like the writer needs a lesson in history to get his facts right….
      Two of the ANC’s biggest donors, in the 1990s, were Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and President Suharto of Indonesia. Not only did Mandela refrain from criticising their lamentable human rights records but he interceded diplomatically on their behalf.
      Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC) which authorised attcaks on the following
      -Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985
      -Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988
      -Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986
      -Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist M O Maponya instead
      -Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987
      -Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988
      Killing hundereds of innocent people

  3. I am strongly agree Women's right today is March 08/2014, Thanks all of you, please always remember my mom is women, my wife she women, my daughter she is women, my sister she women I am love all of them you also same like that please Stand with Amnesty International time for the Action.

  4. I don't have a special knowledge of the history of South Africa. But I have read Nelson Mandela's autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom. I come away very impressed how Mr. Mandela stayed focused on the goal of a democratic and free South Africa for people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. In the book he expressed a real reluctance to start an armed struggle against apartheid. But he and other ANC leaders felt that they had no choice. The nonviolent tactics that were attempted were met with severe government oppression and violence. Also, the incidents in John's posting happened when Mr. Mandela was in prison. He was not in charge of those acts.

    At the Rivonia trial for treason, Mr. Mandela and his co-defendants could have been sentenced to death. They were prepared to face this if necessary. This shows incredible courage in pursuit of the goal of a democratic South Africa.

    I am impressed with how Mr. Mandela was able to avoid getting mired in hatred toward the people who ran the apartheid system and instead put all his focus and energies into the ultimate goal. He was able to work with everyone who could share the vision and goal of a democracy for every citizen. I see him as a person of great courage, vision, and tenacity.

  5. I really don’t believe that this person has been away from us from a very long time. He has been an inspiration for me and for all the strugglers that have been doing in the same field.

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