Warren Hill Gets A Stay Of Execution

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warren hill

Warren Hill

Georgia will not be able to execute Warren Hill on Monday.  He has been granted a temporary stay so the state of Georgia can sort out whether the sudden switch to a one-drug lethal injection protocol last week violated state laws guaranteeing public input on important administrative procedures (like killing people).

This is good news, in that Hill will not immediately be put to death, but there is no question that Georgia fully intends to execute a man with an IQ of 70 whom state judges have declared to be “mentally retarded” by all legal standards except the “beyond a reasonable doubt” bar used only by Georgia.

That the stay was granted on the lethal injection question allows the state of Georgia to evade further scrutiny of the way it handles capital punishment for the mentally disabled.  For now, the Supreme Court, which banned executions of those with intellectual disabilities ten years ago, will not be reviewing Warren Hill’s case or the unique Georgia law upon which the state bases its right to kill him.

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56 thoughts on “Warren Hill Gets A Stay Of Execution

  1. Kill them all, they are in jail for serious offenses. Its quite obvious its not the writer's family who are victims.

  2. Human rights do not count for these sort of people who intentionally hurt people. I am very appalled to read these sort of stories. Waste of time, waste of money and plus they are all faking some sort of illness to hide behind their true colors.

  3. God Bless Amnesty for saving his life, at least until another solution can be found. State sanctioned murder is not ever an acceptable punishment, no matter what the offense.

  4. It sickens me to no end of all the uneducated people that live in this country. You read what the news papers and other articles say and you actually believe it. I will tell right now, If someone murdered my mother, my son or anyone in my family I would want them to pay. This man you are trying to save from being executed didn't JUST murder another inmate, He got off easy the first time when he killed his own girlfriend and what did he get????? A slap on the wrist Life WITH parole and what does he do????? Kills somebody else. How many people does this man have to kill before it's ok to execute him???? A murderer is a murderer is a murderer! He will always be a murderer regardless if he is "mentally disabled" or not. I know plenty of mentally handicapped people and none of them have went out and killed people.

  5. "A murderer is a murderer is a murderer". Agreed.

    So when the State of Georgia forcibly straps someone to a chair and injects them with lethal drugs, what does that make the State exactly?

  6. In a civilized country mentally retarded individuals that commit crimes do not belong in prison. They should be treated in a hospital and only released if their is a cure in their illness or an improvement in their behaviour. The fact that Warren Hill has been sent to prison previously demonstrates the inappropriate function of the American Justice System. Their is no use and no benefit in society in keeping an individual in an inappropriate place. What he requires is treatment and medication in order to stabilize him and training him how to react in difficult and uncomfortable situations.

  7. Society has not protected Warren Hill's victims – or Hill himself. Vulnerable and potentially dangerous individuals need to be supported, treated and maybe even put in protective care so that these terrible things don't happen.

    Testing of intelligence of prisoners facing execution is not done after conviction; it's based on records of prior testing, school records, medical reports etc. There is no question of a prisoner faking a low IQ to avoid execution.

    No society that executes people deserves to call itself civilised. I'm glad that my country abolished the death penalty decades ago.

  8. I am not sure whether you know that low IQ alone does not equate with mental disability; rather it only shows a person's aptitude. An IQ of 70 you may reason, makes a person unappreciative or unaware of consequences related to the crime they commit. I disagree. Based on years of research we now know that in addition to low IQ, other indicators such as difficulties in adaptive functioning prior to the age of 18, have to be present to classify someone as mentally disabled. Intellectual disability has no bearing on premeditation in Hill's case and thus cannot be used to determine a lessened culpability as he planned and executed the demise of two individuals based on nothing related to diminished capacity but rather a calculated "revenge."

    I am always amazed at the length death-penalty opponents will go to in order to fight for a bona fide murderer, when there is no evidence to support any claims. Those who argue mental disability or retardation here, PLEASE do your homework on how it works and its implication on daily functioning and then we can have an informed polemic…

  9. Murdering someone is barbaric no matter what the person's IQ, and certainly the state should not be participating in killing anyone, if that person is not an immediate threat. Law enforcement should only be to protect, not to punish. We can never fully understand a person's situation and motives and history for crimes they commit. If a person has a low IQ and doesn't understand the consequences of his actions, then we should be restraining that person, not punishing him.

  10. I live in Europe (Netherlands). The death penalty is abolished in Europe and thank God forbidden in the Constitution and the European Convention of human rights. The death penalty is a crime against humanity. Ordinary people or a State do not have the right to decide about someone’s death or life. The execution of people is a sign of lack of civilization.

  11. Tjark,

    If it weren't for the USA you would be speaking German right now.We had lots of American blood spilled on your ground for your freedom.I will exercise a little of mine now we in the USA don't care what y'all do in Europe.

  12. Dammit, Georgia, not again. First, you killed a man for murder despite lack of evidence and now you want to kill someone with a low IQ even though you know it's against the law to do so.

    Stories like this have not only made me lose faith in my state's justice system but prove to me that the system's too flawed to be having the death penalty anyway.