We Danced with a Purpose: Amnesty and One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising in Washington, DC

Amnesty activists rise up with One Billion Rising in Washington, DC. ©Sarah K. Eddy

Yesterday, in Washington, DC I awoke to reports of thousands of women and men dancing in India, South Africa, Australia and around the globe in support of One Billion Rising, a public uprising in response to the human rights abuse of violence against women and girls. I saw a video of my friends at Flying Broom, a Turkish women’s organization, dancing in solidarity to support their campaign to end child marriage. And I read hundreds of tweets from people who had or were about to dance to end violence against women.

Amnesty International is proud to have joined with One Billion Rising to raise awareness – and to take action – to end violence against women and girls. We danced and raised our voices to stand as one with the estimated one billion women and girls whose lives have been touched by violence.


Not a Billion More

One Billion Rising

I was in Delhi on December 17 when tens of thousands marched in solidarity to support a young victim of rape.

On the evening of December 16, this young woman and her friend boarded a bus to return home after watching a movie. Her friend was attacked, while she was assaulted and raped by five men on the bus. Both were then left to die on the side of a busy street. Her injuries were so severe, that she succumbed to them a few weeks later.

Angered by her plight, thousands took to the streets to demand justice and accountability from a system that they think routinely ignores issues around women’s safety. Subsequently, the Indian government showed uncharacteristic speed in apprehending and trying the suspects. And now substantial efforts are under way to overhaul the country’s legal, social, and cultural response to violence against women.


10 Reasons to Move to the Music and End Violence Against Women

One Billion Rising
On February 14th, Amnesty will join with V-Day in the One Billion Rising campaign to dance in solidarity with the estimated one billion women and girls who have experienced violence in their lifetime.

Violence against women is one of the world’s most pervasive human rights abuses. It is also one of the most hidden. Globally, one woman in three has been beaten, coerced into sex, or abused in her lifetime and yet, justice for these abuses is all too rare.

In the U.S., the Violence Against Women Act is a groundbreaking law that helps break the cycle of impunity for violence.  Currently up for reauthorization in Congress, you can add your voice to ask for immediate action.