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5 thoughts on “Let’s Be Clear – Israel’s Long-Running Settlement Policy Constitutes a War Crime

  1. Well put, Ms. Garwood. If it is a war crime,where are the prosecutors? How can we pressure the ICC to act? These are issues of power and where it lies. The powers that be are not interested.

  2. Thank you for giving a brief but detailed summary and explanation of the severity of the war crimes on the part of Israel. It needs reiterating as much as possible, and this article makes very clear the lack of any ability to argue otherwise.. Illegal settlements built under policies that constitute war crimes.

  3. The international community would have little problem compelling Israel to obey the law and respect human rights were it not for the blanket diplomatic, economic, and military protection the US provides to Israel. The US government has shown little ability to change its ways, likely due to the stranglehold the Israel Lobby has on Congress, so there is really no choice but for people of conscience to do an end-run around the government. Perhaps its time for Amnesty to throw its support behind the grassroots BDS campaign.

  4. I think the number of civilian deaths is outrageous and I don't understand why the local authorities are not doing anything about it. They really don't seem to be bothered. They even help this happen